BlueCloud suite of software products are tailored to meet the diverse needs of enterprises across different business functions. Designed with the complexites of modern business enviroments in mind, our products empower organizations to achive the required efficiency and drive innovation in the modern digital landscape.

MailID is an easy to use solution to create and manage email signature templates for your organization. it allow Enterprise to control its employee Outlook email signature automatically. You can easly design and create signature templates from on-premise web based application and directly apply them to users Outlook.

Key Features
  • ON-PREMISE SOLUTION: Support On-Premise Exchange and O365
  • TEMPLATE DESIGNER: Easy to use HTML Template editor
  • VISIBLE SIGNATURE DURING EMAIL WRITING: User view his Signature in write mode
  • TEMPLATE PER GROUP: Can assign different template per department or Active Directory Group

Used to display predefined watermark text and image on windows pcs screens and to be floating on all active applications. Watermark will also appear in screen shot taken by the user.

Key Features
  • Secure Your Desktops: Secure your windows Client Desktops from being captured by mobile, cameras or print screen.
  • Configure The Watermark Text: Screen watermark can be configured based on the corporate policy to display username, machine name, datetime and predifined text.
  • Centralized Management: Update configurations on all clients from centralized management console.

A server platform solution that enables organizations to quickly implement Single Sign-On for their Line of Business (LOB) applications. It relies on the designation of a master credential set for user authentication.

Key Features
  • OneGate is a platform that enables organizations to quickly implement Single Sign-On for their Line of Business (LOB) applications.
  • Support Federation SSO Protocols, SAML 2.0, Auth, OpenID Connect.
  • Support password replay SSO using browser plugin-based Form Submission.
  • Support windows desktop applications SSO.
  • It relies on the designation of a master credential set for user authentication.
  • Associates LOB application credentials with the master credential set to use during the SSO process.
  • OneGate eliminates the need for users to memorize multiple credential sets.
People 360

Provide a centralized employee hub for all employee-related information and Organization hierarchy Visualization. People360 Offers a comprehensive solution for efficiently organizing, sharing, and updating your organizational structure.

Key Features
  • Centralized Employee Information
  • Employee Engagement and Communication
  • Performance Management
  • Intuitive Org. Chart Visualization
  • Succession Planning
  • Integrate with HRMS
  • Reporting Dashboard
One Calendar

Enterprise Solution for Seamless Event Synchronization between ERP Systems and Outlook Calendar. Engineered to orchestrate automatic event synchronization between your ERP and other data systems with users Outlook Calendar in real-time.

Synchronizing calendars between an ERP HRMS (Human Resource Management System) and Outlook offers numerous benefits for organizations, enhancing efficiency, communication, and overall productivity.

Key Features
  • Integrate with organization systems like Oracle ERP, MS Dynamics and other data stores using Integration connectors.
  • Create Outlook Events and Tasks based on external data sources like HRMS and Data applications.
  • Create Meeting request, Appointment, Tasks based on the record type and category.
  • Synchronize event data from other application calendars.
  • Easy to use administration backend for configuration and administration.

Tawabeery is the future of queuing as it aims to eliminate the pain of waiting and allows the ease of deciding the destination branch via a mobile app. With Tawabeery's queuing app, you can enable your customers to choose their desired service brance, get directions, and get updates on queues automatically before they arrive.

Key Features
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Get Recommendations
  • Waste Notime
  • Cross Platform
  • Queues Filtration

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