Senior Software Quality Control Engineer (Products Division)
Job Details

Senior Software Quality Control Engineer (Products Division)

Code: BCIQC 1
Position type: Full Time
Years of experience: 4 - 6
Number of openings: 1

Job Description

  • Proven Experience in White & Black box testing.
  • Experience in automation testing & tools.
  • Design, develop and implement best quality practices and processes for product developments.
  • Maintain, monitor and ensure highest quality in products.
  • Understand the master test plan and the project plan.
  • Create or assist in creating own test plan.
  • Generate test cases based on the requirements and other documents.
  • Create test data required for testing.
  • Test software releases by executing assigned tests (manual and/ or automated).
  • Report defects (usually in a defect database) to the stakeholders.
  • Report test results to the stakeholders.
  • Provide inputs to the team in order to improve the test process.
  • Log own time in the project management software or time tracking system.
  • Report work progress and any problems faced to the Product Lead as required.
  • Develop strategies to evaluate precision and accuracy of analytical equipment, tests & measurements and production equipment.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve problems relating to quality control aspects.


  • BSc of Computer science, Computer Engineering or equivalents.
  • ISQTB certification.
  • Firm knowledge of testing concepts and methodologies.
  • Proven experience in test automation tools and techniques.
  • Strong computer engineering background.
  • Understanding of QA process for software development, debugging and release.
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Eye for details and identifying problems

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