Orange Egypt ,formerly known as Mobinil, is a mobile phone operator in Egypt, founded in 1998. Orange, Egypt, has 99,299 sites, 36 switches, and 4503 mobile BTSs with built-in echo cancellers on all switches, EFR voice clarity enhancement, and state-of-the-art antennas.

Solution/Services Delivered:

  • Orange Active Directory Migration, part of Orange rebranding program.
  • Identity management program for Orange. We were working on an ongoing program with Orange, starting from upgrading from LIM to FIM infrastructure.
     Implementing Active Directory forest sync, implementing user identity management across 25+ LOBs.
  • Single-Sign-On; implementation cater for 20+ systems/ applications.
  • OneGate, single-sign-on implementation.
  • SQL Server Consolidation.
  • Microsoft Infrastructure Upgrade in the following areas: Office Communication Server, System Center Suite, SCCM, and SCOM.
  • Task management solution: tasks force assignment solution based on SharePoint intranet portal, where managers can assign operation team tasks to operation  team during shifts, and it allows the manager to change the task assignments to different team members. Also the portal notifies the team members/leads  about the tasks that were not finished on time and manages the escalation workflow.
  • Intranet Portal Disaster Recovery: Most of customer service applications are hosted on the Intranet Portal, and due to its criticality, Orange wanted to maintain high level of availability of the Intranet Portal even in case of physical site complete failure.
  • Single-Sign-On Disaster Recovery.
  • Email Rebranding: including the integration with Orange mail system and rebranding of email aliases.
  • Annual support: Supporting all Orange Egypt Identity Management systems and Single-Sign-On systems.

Vodafone Egypt

Vodafone Egypt is the largest mobile phone company in Egypt in terms of active subscribers. In 1998, Vodafone Egypt (Ex Misrfone Telecommunication Company/Click GSM) entered the Egyptian telecom market as the second operator, a consortium between Vodafone international, Air Touch, and local/ international partners. It covers various voice and data exchange services, as well as 3G, ADSL and broadband Internet services.

Solution/Services Delivered:

  • Active Directory migration.
  • Exchange migration.
  • Forest synchronization: upgrading to an existing ILM solution for the user sync for multiple forests in Vodafone.
  • User Identity Consolidation: implementing solution on top of FIM for managing user identity across 10+ applications.
  • Enterprise Infrastructure Management [SCCM 2010].
  • Office 2010 Upgrade: upgrading all Vodafone user’s deployment from Office 2007 to Office 2010 automatically using System Center Configurations Manager 2012.
  • Annual Support: Support Identity Management solution in Vodafone, Egypt.
  • Single-Sign-On Disaster Recovery.
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