Web Portals and Smart Applications

Web Portals Design and Development

When your business depends on the portal, compromising in terms of the performance and cost-efficiency is not acceptable. BlueCloud has the experience and calibers required to guarantee the delivery of a reliable solution to win, serve, and retain your customers. Using SharePoint and ASP.NET, we offer you solutions that match up to the increasing agility and customer demands. Fully understanding your requirements is our main task and only then we suggest a suitable solution for you

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Smart Applications Design and Development

According to Forrester Research, smart process applications (SPAs) are a new category of software designed to support business activities that are people intensive, highly variable, loosely structured and subject to frequent change.

BlueCloud understands your business needs of providing a higher level of service, increasing responsiveness to customers, gaining a competitive edge, and better managing and growing your business and also significantly reducing the operating costs.

Context-rich smart process applications emerge as a difference-making solution with business agility more in demand than ever. They are critical in managing automated processes of today, improving productivity and efficiently servicing customers and increasing responsiveness.

A Solution Tailored Specifically to Your Needs

BlueCloud offers designing and developing smart applications that are

  • Intuitive: do not require intensive training and are end-user friendly.
  • Social: facilitating human interaction instead of only recording activities.
  • Adaptable: automating activities which are highly variable and subject to frequent change.