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Non-Intrusive. SAML-Compliant. Supports 3 Types of SSO.

Imagine a multi-faceted, easy-to-implement, scalable solution that offers you off-the-charts productivity, reduced costs, fewer calls to the help desk, automation of user activations and deactivation, improved security, and data loss protection.

The Ticket-Granting Ticket Technology-Based, Enterprise SSO Platform “OneGate” promises you this and much more.

All for One, One for All

Large enterprises rely heavily on automated processes and critical applications that are vital to running the enterprise (Line of Business applications) to manage their resources and serve their customers. Those systems and applications are based on different and competing technologies. Users are required to memorize and maintain a set of credentials per application. Using OneGate Enterprise SSO, users are allowed to access applications through a single credential set (master credential set), eliminating the need to memorize multiple credentials sets and reducing the number of help disk tickets for users who forget their application-specific credential, hence cost reduction.

Activation-Deactivation Hassle No More

In large enterprises there is always the essential need of activation and deactivation of accounts as the users' hierarchical status may change or they may move to different business units. In such cases, you might have to deactivate those users after transferring ownership of the records to other users or you might delete the account altogether. OneGate works on automating the process of user activation and deactivation for ease of workflow and saving time and cost.

Supporting 3 Types of SSO

Web SSO: OneGate first authenticates the user. And when an already authenticated user accesses a web application, OneGate retrieves the user's validated credentials, thus eliminating any need for the user to sign on again.

Desktop SSO: OneGate provides a master credential set for the users that automates the login process of any Windows desktop application.

Middleware SSO: OneGate acts as an Identity Provider that authenticates and authorizes users before granting them an assertion that allows them service offered by a Service Provider trusting this IDP. OneGate also acts as a Service Provider for well-known IDPs like Microsoft Active Directory (AD). It relies on AD or any other IDP to get an assertion and federates this identity to the originator Service Provider.

Your Legacy Applications Are Important. Let OneGate Work around Them

While other solutions require compliance with certain standards and applying changes, OneGate provides a non-intrusive web SSO platform. Which means it does not require any changes to existing applications (legacy applications). OneGate uses browser plug-ins. The plug-ins make an automatic login on behalf of the user. So there is no need to change the application or its behavior.

OneGate, a SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On

OneGate allows using any SAML 2.0-compliant Identity Provider for Single Sign-On. SAML is a SSO industry specification that standardizes the interaction between applications and their authentication and authorization systems. Applications supporting this standard integrate seamlessly with OneGate.

An Intuitive User-Interface That Users Will Thank You for

OneGate’s user interface is simple, easy to use, and clean. OneGate administration portal offers the great advantage of an intuitive user-interface as it allows management from either an application or a user centric view. The application administrators can view and manage all their users and also individual users and their application subscriptions. The intuitive user-inteface also allows revoking user access from all applications by a simple click.

A Strong Reporting System

Information Security and Audit Departments in large enterprises often issue requests that should be handled by a strong reporting system. OneGate offers this strong reporting system that allows these departments to be able to see who accessed which system and when. Case investigations benefit the most from such a reporting system that provide the info of who was logged on when the investigated action took place.

Join the Multitudes of Large Enterprises That Adopt SSO Technology

Gartner Says Through 2016, Federated Single Sign-On Will Be the Predominant SSO Technology, Needed by 80 Percent of Enterprises, Analysts to Share Best Practices for Identity and Access Management Programs at Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit 2013, March 11-13, in London, U.K.

Successful enterprises with increasing sales and a customer-oriented environment require efficient solutions. A lot of large enterprises adopted SSO because it offers the solution to many problems.

We take pride in the fact that OneGate Enterprise SSO is used by Orange, one of the largest Egyptian telecom providers, providing SSO service to more than 8K users accessing multiple internal applications.

Enjoy the Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) OneGate Brings

OneGate centralizes the management of applications through an easy-to-use portal, thus simplifying the administration needs. It has simple operational requirements which are based on Microsoft technology that inherently has low TCO. The server architecture and topology follow best practices and accordingly have a minimal footprint and network requirements. We promise you a solution with added value to your enterprise in the long run.