Middleware ESB

Integration remains the number one IT priority, 60% - 70% of IT budget are dedicated to integration (Web Service Journals)

At BlueCloud, we understand the business needs and IT challenges that face large enterprises and corporations: connecting diverse systems built with different platforms, technologies, and communication protocols, connecting legacy systems with newer systems and high cost and effort due to different data format and undocumented legacy data, achieving efficient system integration and B2B integration, the difficult maintenance, and the need to achieve faster time to market.

To sum it up, your three major challenges are inconsistent information, inefficient process, and incompatible systems
Through your partnership with BlueCloud, we will offer you an integration process like no other. We Offer to Cover Your Business Needs and Overcome Your IT Challenges
Using middleware with enterprise service bus (ESB) (a software architecture model used for designing and implementing communication between mutually interacting software applications in a service-oriented architecture (SOA)), An Automated Business Process, A Single Point of Control, Higher Operational Efficiency, and Higher Adoption Rate are guaranteed.

Your Business Is What We Care About

A Faster Time to Market. Forget about the need to contact various system vendors and doing point-to-point integration that takes time to build for each vendor. BlueCloud will help you connect banking systems together offering new business line and new capabilities with less time by using ready-made adapters and providing workflows using orchestrations and itineraries.

A Lower Total Cost of Ownership.Integrating all systems by using middleware (ESB) we offer powerful monitoring tools and ready-made integration points. So a lower maintenance cost is what you get, reducing the Total Cost of Ownership.

No Extra Implementation Costs.We offer a flexible implementation where more systems can be added by defining some configuration in business rule engine so you can easily add new systems to existing middleware. As a result, your auxiliary costs will be lowered.

Reliability.All lines of business channels will respond in acceptable time with low latency. Once a business call is executed on our ESB a granted response will be sent back, there will be no data loss, and the execution is atomic and leaves the overall connected system in a stable state. In exceptional cases our implementation allows resuming of business workflow either from beginning or at the point of failure according to business scenarios needed. We offer you a higher degree of correctness, sustainability, and availability.