Infrastructure Solutions

Being a Microsoft Award winner and given our experience and collaboration with large enterprises, BlueCloud offers platform-specific as well as platform-independent operating and management solutions and frameworks that provide state-of-the-art quality. By offering IT roadmap consultancy, we help enterprises meet their business objectives.

Private Cloud

Bringing You the “Cloud” Architecture Agility
For a growing number of enterprises, the journey to cloud computing begins with a Private Cloud implementation. Private Cloud offers numerous advantages:

  • Managing the service easily without consuming IT services.
  • Accessing cloud services via normal broadband networking technologies.
  • Adjusting the capacity of cloud services according to the demand (the services can be scaled up or down as demand changes).
  • Optimizing the capacity of cloud services for customer usage and reporting its usage on a regular basis.
Through Private Cloud implementation, BlueCloud helps you cut costs while delivering new value.

Unified Communications

Helping You Communicate as a One Entity
BlueCloud offers enterprises a technological architecture where communication tools are integrated so that both businesses and individuals can manage all their communications in one entity instead of managing them separately. Using such solution, your workforce becomes more seamlessly connected and productivity grows. Innovation thrives and customer satisfaction rises. In short, Unified Communications bridges the gap between VoIP and other computer related communication technologies. We will help you define the right unified communications solution that matches your business needs.

Desktop, Device, and Server Management

Transforming Your IT into a True Asset
IT environments are becoming increasingly complex. IT staff are expected to be able to manage, deploy, and support a huge number of different technologies over different devices. Managing technology effectively can be incredibly complicated.
BlueCloud understands the numerous challenges IT departments face. Through our experience in terms of the myriad of management tools and technologies available that can be deployed to assist in helping to manage the IT infrastructure, we can help you simplify IT management and transform IT into a true asset. We can improve your IT infrastructure to perform the following processes: efficiently managing desktops and mobile devices, automating deployment of patches and upgrades, maximizing IT resources at all levels using virtualization.

Cloud Implementation

Every day more enterprises are moving applications to cloud every day as it offers more flexibility, faster implementation, and lower cost. BlueCloud offers you the road to a far better, more agile and efficient, greener, and less expensive type of computing, cloud.
Helping you concentrate on your main task, your business, is our goal. If you’re planning to maximize the convenience of cloud computing for your business, we offer you our services through the following:

  • Office 365
  • Azure
  • Skype for Business
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Small Business solutions