Company Profile

BlueCloud is a professional services company that serves enterprise customers in EMEA through providing a myriad of world-class services and solutions such as Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Application Integration, Identity Management, Business Process Automation, Collaboration, Business Intelligence, and Comprehensive Infrastructure Solutions including but not limited to Private Clouds, Unified Communications, Desktop and Server Management, Data Protection and Recovery in addition to Security and Networking, Application Development, Solution Implementation, Outsourcing, and Consultancy.

Founded in early 2010, BlueCloud is a privately owned shareholders company. Establishing its name confidently in the market, BlueCloud has been acknowledged as a trusted technology leader, taking pride in being the first choice of the best national and global brands: National Bank of Egypt, Orange, Vodafone and Qatar Development Bank.
BlueCloud has its own set of products with the aim of transforming the way people work every day and helping them work better together. Coping with the changing market of today, BlueCloud implements new products rapidly as fast as the market is changing.
BlueCloud offers enterprises a homogenous, cost-effective, and agile experience through cutting-edge technologies. BlueCloud is currently serving Telecommunication Operators, Governments, and the Banking and Manufacturing sectors.