Business Process Automation

Do you use a lot of paper forms to track the processes and tasks? Do you get a lot of emails that request approvals? Do you wish you could change a process quickly but you are buried in hierarchy? Do your processes “hang” or get delayed because one of the process workers didn’t receive an email telling them to proceed with the next step? You are experiencing the tension and stress of an un-automated workflow. And we have got the solution. Let us help you cut the time and money spent on completing business processes.

BlueCloud provides enterprises with end-to-end business process automation solutions and services that cover process analysis, re-engineering, optimization, implementation, and deployment. Tailoring your business workflows and processes to match the enterprise needs and business requirements is our specialty. Customizations include developing steps for manual or automatic data entry, reviews, and approvals in addition to escalations processes. Making use of our Enterprise Application Integration solution, we extend Business Process Automation by integrating across different Enterprise Applications and Legacy Systems. We offer service aggregation and composition within the business process to match the exact need of the enterprise.